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Elektra was founded by Jac Holzman. Elektra signed Harry in 1971. Harry's first 10 albums were on the Elektra label. Harry stayed with this label until 1979 when he switched to Niel Bogart's Boardwalk Records records in 1980.

Harry Chapin Albums on Elektra

Year Album
1972 Heads and Tales
1972 Sniper and Other Love Songs
1973 Short Stories
1974 Verities and Balderdash
1975 Portrait Gallery
1976 Greatest Stories Live
1976 On the Road to Kingdom Come
1977 Dance Band on the Titanic
1978 Living Room Suite
1979 Legends of the Lost and Found

Posthumous releases

Year Album Category
1985 Anthology of Harry Chapin Compilation
1988 The Gold Medal Collection Compilation
2001 VH1: Behind the Music Compilation
2002 The Essentials: Harry Chapin Compilation
2006 Heads and Tales and Sniper and Other Love Songs Rerelease
2008 Cats in the Cradle and Other Hits Compilation